This is Love, This is Life…. A Real Angel from Ukraine …..Starting Out


Gentlemen, I am Genuinely Honoured by those of You who are following My, now OUR Story of an Englishman finding his Love in Ukraine. I’m doing this to help You, if You have doubts let’s deal with them, if you have concerns about getting scammed let’s deal with that too. I’m happy too to help and advise YOU on a One to One basis – I have agreed for Michael Mordinson to place a link to my blog on his website.

I’ve also agreed for him to put anyone in touch with me via email if they would like some help and support. So, alongside all my day to day commitments I’ll put in the time to help YOU, and it’s not something that will cost you a penny !

After plenty of time talking about the demons, let’s talk about the Angels…..

I signed up to the Mordinson Marriage Agency after watching this interview by Olga Reznikova

As someone who has interviewed thousands of people in my career, I was struck immediately by Michael’s honest and candid approach. Olga’s questions were focussed and brought out solid answers from Michael. For me, he wasn’t reading from a ‘ script’ the things he spoke of came from direct experience.

I then looked at the Mordinson website, read the testimonials from end to end, and realised that this was a serious proposition, aimed at helping women and men find true happiness. A phone call to Michael consolidated that view, and as mentioned in my last entry, Michael sent my letter of introduction to all the women I’d decided were likely to have common interests with me and ultimately I might meet with the intention of marrying.


Here I am, I have some interesting replies to read, some are fascinating, all are inquisitive ( in a Good Way! ) some are short and polite , others are long and detailed, some have non studio pictures, others don’t, some have been translated by Michael, others haven’t. I was struck by the overwhelming number of women who are in the professions – Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, University Professors, Scientists, Accountants, Economists, Artists and Business Owners were among the women who wrote to me. Kharkiv is a University city, and you will find this reflected in the women who sign up with the Mordinson Marriage Agency.

At this point it is important Gentlemen to appreciate that it is the women themselves who have written to You, and given the busy lives they lead, they have taken hours out of their family time to do so.

Also at this point, like me, You will see that some of the letters are fair, some are good, and some are very good. In my case, One Letter was Exceptional.

This is the point for You to consider careful how to proceed; there is clear interest in You from a number of women, and that’s a privileged position to be in. Read the letters a couple of times – are there things being said ” between the lines” that strike a chord with You ? Are there some things that perhaps don’t ? If the woman has children, would they be compatible in ages with your own? Do you have that all important ” common ground” or interests that are complimentary ?

You can, at this point write to as many women as you want, but consider for a moment her perspective; if you are serious about her, and decide to visit and meet her, what would her approach be if she is one of a number on your list ?

Whatever your views, it is vitally important to find chemistry with the woman you write to…..

How do You do this ? 

First and foremost, be Yourself ! It’s important to show Yourself in the Best light, it’s equally important to talk about your life and experiences as they happened. You will be meeting a woman who has probably been married, had a child and works exceptionally hard at one or more jobs to make a living. You too have similar experiences, you may have travelled the world for work or pleasure, so talk about that, your professional achievements and life in general. A revelation for me was the value of The Family in life in Ukraine, something that certainly has been undervalued and diminished in the UK in my lifetime. So, ask about her Family and what they do, how often she sees them, if they are nearby etc. Tell her about Your children if you have them, your parents and siblings and friends. In this way she will start to see the Real You, in context, and that is exactly how it should be.


Gentlemen, We have now started the journey that touches on my recent and current experience of finding True Love with An Angel from Ukraine. As I, and We proceed on this path, I will let You know what it is like, and I will cover the highs as well as the lows of making a Life with an Angel from Ukraine and Our plans for a Life Together….

I cannot recommend enough that You start by looking at the Mordinson Marriage Agency website and please know that if You do speak to Michael Mordinson I have agreed for him to give You my email address – Depending on Your time zone in the world I’m willing to get up early / stay up late to have a Skype call with You to offer a full insight into finding Your Own Angel in Ukraine…….

Until next time….. Stay Lucky!


Learning to Outsmart the Sharks…. And the Love of a Genuine Ukrainian Angel  


Gentlemen, we will pick up at the point where we left our last thoughts – let’s see how you will (most definitely!) be scammed by a pro-dater, or worse.

On the subject of the Pro-dater for a moment, let’s define who she ( or he, or they) really are. They exist, with vampiric intent, to rob you, financially and emotionally, to the point where you really will give up, buy those sweatpants and never leave the house. They are parasites who defame and devalue the women of Ukraine; indeed, they do a massive disservice to womankind, and their art and artifice is on a professional fraudster basis with the “finest” of the west African scammers who haunt all our email spam inboxes.

The facts first – the war in Donbas, and Russia’s invasion of a sovereign nation is illegal and an obscenity on every level. The pro-dater however sees this as a prime opportunity to use the tragedy of war, and her countrymen dying for freedom, as a perfect excuse to ramp up your sympathy and rip you off…. You see they have no moral compass or interest in you beyond the Visa or MasterCard you carry.

As mentioned before, the over familiarity of those letters, written to a well-honed script, will ensure that you are deeply hooked.

So you like the Beatles? Well, what a coincidence, her favourite song is ” All You Need Is Love” and she believes in that.

She has a child? Well, with your maturity and parenting skills you will be the perfect dad…… And on, and on and on.

The letters will end with ” I miss you” (despite the fact you have never met) and they will be frequent – daily, as that proxy for the pro- dater has to earn those $2 per letter, so don’t be surprised if the letter arrives when you wake up the next day, despite a 2-8-time zone difference.

The advanced pro-dater now moves into the final phase with a suggestion that she ” must meet you – it’s our destiny to be together” and that you should arrange your meeting as soon as possible.

Now, it’s not my place to terrify you, but you can find the stories online of western men met by their ” beloved” with a taxi driver in tow, who is her boyfriend/husband, and then a robbery and beating swiftly follows. Then there is the woman who takes the western man immediately to a shopping mall to buy anything that catches her eye. This may include an engagement ring, wedding dress and all manner of goods. There will probably be an expensive meal, followed by taxis that will charge you perhaps 10 X the standard fare. The restaurant, taxi driver and any number of the ” professional facilitators ” are in on this scam. The arrangement to meet the next day finds the man with just a mobile number for her that no longer works, if she did leave an address it will be a false one.

There is also the subtler ” holiday” scam, where she tells you just how lovely Odessa is at this time of year. It would be best for her to book the accommodation (for herself) as she can get a good local rate. Before you go, there is the small matter of her getting a taxi to Odessa (“it’s impossible to get a bus or train”) and then the Interpreter who will help you throughout to “understand each other properly”.

Gentlemen – You haven’t packed your case yet, but you are being robbed.

Once there, the idea is to transport you from shopping mall to shopping mall, from restaurant to restaurant etc and all of the above on 10 X charges and professional facilitators applies. The added ” bonus” for you is that you and your credit card get to pay for the interpreter too, and she will eat and drink well throughout.

You will after however many days of your ” must meet, our destiny to be together ” holiday in Odessa end up back at the airport, a lot less wealthy than when you arrived, and as confused as hell about what just happened….

It was slick, and You were, as thieves term it, ” The Mark”…….

So, with this level of intent, how do You recognise the Real, find Someone who genuinely wants to find a partner/husband?

Gentlemen – Take a step back, and look carefully at the culture of Ukraine. Even in the 21st Century, it is not usual, or expected, for a woman to make the first move when dating someone. So those hundreds or thousands of letters in your Anastasiadate inbox are not serious or genuine at all in the intent on finding a partner or husband.


Having talked about the ” Dark Side” let’s turn to the Light, The Genuine, that Ray of Sunshine and Hope?

I can say, hand on heart, that my experience of the Mordinson Marriage Agency throughout the last seven months has been outstanding.

From the first phone call you make to Michael Mordinson, you will know you are dealing with a Genuine Man who has your interests and aspirations at heart. Take for example the Free Introduction Service that Michael offers.

Michael will give you some great tips on what to write in your letter of introduction, to talk about yourself, your family, profession and interests. He will also suggest the type of pictures you should send.

You can then tell Michael which women you would like him to send your letter to. In being sensible, you should have a long list/short list and Michael will translate and forward your letter to them.

In an absolutely refreshing ” real world ” response, Michael will tell you very quickly when a woman responds and says that she is not interested in you.

Why is that good?

Well, for a start, it is honest, and shows that the woman in question has no other interest than finding the right person for a serious relationship.

What comes next is also a revelation!

No longer do you get those sickly sweet letters that the pro-daters and their cohorts write….

The letters from the Mordinson women will all be polite, inquisitive, welcoming, and you will be told exactly why the woman in question chose to write back to you – your common love of art, or cinema, or your thoughtfulness in asking all about her and her family and her interests.

Gentlemen, you will be absolutely Blessed at this point with a number of women who have clearly liked what they read about you, thought your pictures were good, and want to know more about YOU…….


At this point I will leave you to think about the thoughts above, and next time I will write about my direct experience of the Mordinson Marriage Agency, what to expect and how to respond. I’ll tell you exactly how that feels, first hand….

Until next time….. Stay Lucky!

Finding Your True Love in Ukraine…… Of Sharks and Shark Bait…. Pro-Daters and Heartbreak…. Let’s Save You and Keep Your Faith!


Gentlemen, assuming that You are still with me and I have piqued Your Interest sufficiently, where exactly DO You start on finding Your True Love in Ukraine?

First of all, there is no short cut in research in learning all about the country that is modern Ukraine (note here, it is ” Ukraine” not ” The Ukraine” which implies it is still part of the soviet empire). The resources are at your fingertips; read some blogs, watch some YouTube films on all aspects of life in Ukraine. Watch the excellent ” Winter on Fire ” documentary to understand what happened in the Maidan, learn about the Holodomor, understand Ukraine’s place in Europe, US and Russian influence. Look at all sides and understand the country and the culture.

When you read a lot, a picture emerges. Your own view, an understanding, perhaps even as the Italians say ” Sympatico” for Ukraine. That’s where You need to be, you really do need to understand the background and culture of the country where You aspire to meet Your Future Soulmate!

Next – How and where do You meet women from Ukraine? Surely in the day and age of everything online, of instant communications, of social networks that connect us all, all you need is good wifi and time?

How hard can it be to have a Facebook or VK account and start messaging all these amazing women in Ukraine?


I can guarantee that You, taking the first steps in signing up with a large, slick online agency, means that You are a human version of ” chum” the shark bait that can be scented from many, many miles away.


Your profile is a rich golden vein, that scammers, pro-daters and yes, even Russian organised criminals will salivate over.

How do they sting You???

First of all, Gentlemen, a Reality Check…. Please!

You may have that golden image in Your head that You are still 18 years old, turning the heads of women of all ages with the confidence and nonchalance of Youth….. It’s just that – an image and confidence is no bad thing, but in this context You are setting yourself up for the biggest fall, heartbreak and emotional and financial ruin.

Here’s how they reel You in…..

Part of that Reality Check is the thorny subject of age gaps. So, unless You are Brad Pitt, or a Billionaire, or both the chances of You at 50 being the object of desire for an 18-year-old are non-existent (and Gentlemen, in reality is that not just sleazy?)

So here You are, shiny new profile on Anastasiadate, and Your inbox is, literally flooded with e-mails from stunning, model-like women. Alongside the professional studio photos will be a few informal snaps she will send to you. The first of these pictures will be free, but others (and she may have 4+ videos on her profile too), will cost You £10/$14 each time. Each reply you send will cost the same.

Their letters tell You that they are new to this whole online dating thing, and having despaired at the attitude and morals of men in Ukraine, they have decided to find a husband abroad.

The story, more or less, will be this:

“Your Profile Absolutely Jumped off the screen and spoke to me. It’s so unfortunate that here I am, a Beautiful Woman, trapped in a third world country, with men who care little for the sanctity of long term relationships or marriage. There are you, a kind and caring man looking for love, let’s share this dream and have lots of children, you are the perfect Man for me”


Shall we deconstruct this?

First of all, how can she know so much about you from just a few words and pictures? Undoubtedly she looks great, part of the sting is that there is a high percentage possibility that the person writing to you is not the person in the picture. It may well be a student, and it may well be a man impersonating the woman for a fee of $2 per letter. They follow a script!

There is a social engineering process that is applied to you now as: –

  1. They know You have been blinded by the photos;
  2. You will feel sympathy for this abandoned “Princess” and of course you are ready with your “white charger” to rescue her;
  3. There is a much subtler process that starts now too. If you mention the fact you like music of a particular era they will find a common song that you both adore…

And so it begins, expensive letters, premature familiarity, an encouragement for you to spend vast sums of money on letters, video chats, and extortionately priced gifts – perfume at the minimum of 5 x the actual cost; a picture of the woman with the packaging is sent to show it has been delivered, she may have a split of the profit and hand back the box.


Gentlemen, I Sincerely Hope that You have not been discouraged or put off by the dark side of dating in Ukraine. Once again, do Your Research, and think about the age old maxim of:

“If It Looks Too Good to be True, It Probably Is”

Once again, it is my heartfelt recommendation that You look at the Mordinson website; no one earns unsolicited testimonials like this, or uses their Family Name for their company without Good Reason:

Michael Mordinson is one of the Best People You are ever likely to meet.

Next time we will look at the advanced scam and pro-dater tactics once You have been hooked and reeled in; we will also look at the way to find True Love and Happiness and avoid those Sharks….

Until next time….. Stay Lucky !


Finding Your True Love in Ukraine….. Some context,Finding Your Way…


My last entry started at The Best Day of My Life So Far.

I am indeed THE Luckiest Englishman in the World, and I write this not to gloat or show off, it is in fact the Best counterpoint to six difficult years.

I write this because it’s a story of Hope, Optimism and Love, it’s Our Story, but it’s also Your Story, it is Universal.

Here we go….. A little about me to set the context. A hard-working and industrious professional, a life time in countering financial crime and achieving.

Yep, you know the story, married young, an Amazing Son and Daughter, both doing Great things in their nascent career and school respectively. A full dose of that British ” Keeping up with the Joneses” meant all the things that go with it; bigger houses, better cars and all the materialistic junk that follows. The efforts in raising the children were joint and incredibly nurturing. In career terms she decided that working full time wasn’t her thing; she did not have the career skills or drive to do so.

So there was this creation, taking care of the kids was all, until the realization that there wasn’t a relationship underpinning it all any more. Sad,but True…I was worked into the ground; my exhaustion was exhausted – crazy work schedules, crazy commutes a crazy career.

And then ” Bang” devastation, fallout and recrimination, worry, fear, looking after two children who didn’t ask for any of this …. ” Bang” indeed.

So if this sounds like You, where to start ?

The best way is to look at yourself – Really, Who am I ? What do I have to offer ?

And Your next logical question – Where in the UK do I find someone ? All the traditional ways are alien 20+ years since you last dated or met someone. Clubbing – Really ? It will feel like you have turned up to give one of your children a lift home.

Pubs – Really ? Finding one that has the right ambiance and potential to meet someone….. Like bumping supermarket trolleys with your dream woman, it’s just that, a dream.

So, maybe you try dating websites and apps. The women you find there are well versed in using you, at best, as a sounding board, at the extreme as a free therapy session for a psycho ex-cop who messaged them, seemed nice, but has now become a stalker etc. If you do get to a ” date” stage you will be looked at from the angle of ” what does he have/own?” and possibly a suspicion that you are just angling to be with them because their divorce settlement gave them a nice place and you just fancy being the ” cuckoo” in their nest.

Yep. Brutal and honest, you are indeed “scanned” for the kind of economic resource you represent or could be.

And to compound your situation , all those things you were taught, like opening doors for a woman are now passé and indeed, the radical feminists just laugh.

So – What’s the choice Gentlemen ?

Give up, play computer games and eat takeaways or ….

Dust yourself down and Stand Up?

Like me,I’d recommend that You chose LIFE !

Believe in Yourself – You have much to offer, there are Women in this World who will Value YOU. Yes YOU, for exactly Who You are and that ” Old Fashioned” way of Kindness and Courtesy.

As Elvis Costello once sang ” What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding?” 

There is a way,to find a Woman with traditional family values; Someone who is smart,educated,modern – but values The Family as the centre of Life.This is the fundamental of Life and it underpins the way that women in Ukraine think. Marriage is not an institution; it’s a Life Aspiration,and Rightly So !

In the next entry I will talk about the risks,how not to be mislead,and how to find genuine people….

Start with looking at the Mordinson website: and know,from one who has been there,that Michael Mordinson is a man who Cares Deeply – and he will show You how to meet genuine women who are interested in YOU, in getting married, and building the Happiest of Futures.

Until next time….. Stay Lucky !






An Englishman finds True Love in Ukraine


It’s the 31st of August 2016

I’m almost 2,000 miles from home.

I’m on one knee.

I am holding the hand of an Incredibly Beautiful,Educated and Erudite Woman.

I have just read Her a poem that asks instead of ” You” and ” I” let’s become ” We”

With a gaze that speaks a Thousand Words and a gentle squeeze of my hand She says ….

” Yes”

I gently place a diamond ring on her left hand.

I am the Luckiest man in Ukraine, indeed the whole World right now …..

So, Gentlemen of Britain, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, how did I get here ?

Hard Work & Thorough Research or Good Luck and Timing?

My journey started with a phone call to Michael Mordinson of the Mordinson Marriage Agency. Start by looking at the Mordinson website, and like me, one day You too will Bless the day that You did.

I will stress that I write these posts of my own volition, to guide You to finding Your Soul Mate in Ukraine.

In my next posts I will talk about where to start, the minefields to navigate, cultural contrasts and how to be that Best Version of You that will find the Happiness You Deserve!

Until my next post….. Stay Lucky….